This is the very first podcast I've produced so far at BCIT, if you love binge watching shows and movies on Netflix or Hulu but want to avoid shoddy content like Santa Clarita Diet, this podcast is for you. We praise those worthy of the binge, and weed out the garbage. Our four hosts have varying tastes to ensure that the content is being reviewed by someone's taste you can trust. Binge features an unconventional scoring system that determines if the series/movie is worth your time; does it thrill, chill, or kill?

Thrill: drop what you're watching, and binge this series ASAP! This movie/series demands your attention.

Chill: worth a try, something you can throw on and forget about. Good but not great.

Kill: #dumpsterfire. Forget about it, why watch garbage when there's so much content worthy of your binge.

Whether you're tuning in to find out about a particular show, or 'binge listening' to Binge, we thank you.

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